Especially for shooters who use black powder weapons we have created a high-quality gunpowder. It is produced from tested components of the highest quality. The finished product is also subject to strict laboratory tests and ballistic missile programs.

Our Gunpowder is characterized by the lowest firing coefficient of the world’s manufactured black powder  and very low dirt barrel to guarantee the best consistency.

Our comparative parameters of gunpowder are:


Wholesale orders exclusively for license holders and individual orders exclusively for holders of the European Firearms

Hunting powder Distributors

East Europe: – manufacturer, retail and wholesale

Poland: – retail

West Europe: – exclusive distributor, wholesale

Germany: – wholesale – wholesale

Austria: – exclusive distributor, retail and wholesale


Zloty Stok Gunpowder

Examples of results achieved on the ZS black powder – the shooter Milan Chalcař

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Congratulations! Mr Marek Pyszny won two gold medals at the X Polish Championships with our gunpowder:
– ZS4-1,5Fg (45 grein) Lorenz rifle in Lamarmora competition, which is shooting military rifle in a caliber of more than 0.54 inches
– ZS1-4Fg (11 grein) in Kuchenreuter competition

Congratulations! Mr Krzysztof Kuchnio won gold medal at the 27th MLAIC World Championships – Hungary, Sarlóspuszta in Kuchenreuter competition