We have been specializing in the production of Black Powder continuously since 1692. We are one of the world’s leading producers of black powder, exporting it to many countries around the world. For the production of our gunpowder, we use the highest quality components, tested in our modern laboratory. Our products are subject to strict quality control, thanks to which we pride ourselves on the best repeatability of parameters in the world.

We offer:

  • Black powder for military use by MIL-P-223C, PN-C-86203, GOST 1028-79, INT DEF STAN 13-166/1,  INT DEF STAN 13-167/2, TL 1376 580 – 598 standards,
  • Blasting black powder for use in mines and quarries,
  • Pyrotechnic black powder for the production of fireworks and pyrotechnic effects,
  • Black powder for use in black powder weapons,
  • Black powder for sound effects and historical cannons,

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We can produce black powder on special order for a variety of the most demanding applications.

Production is covered by the quality system ISO 9001:2000.
Products have the CE safety certificate.

www.blackpowder.eu – manufacturer, retail and wholesale

Please conact us – zlotystok@blackpowder.eu



www.fam-pionki.pl – retail – – Hunting Powder, Cannon Powder

www.lhs-germany.de – wholesale – Hunting Powder, Cannon Powder
www.pulver-mueller.de – wholesale – Hunting Powder, Cannon Powder

www.holstein-sprengmittel.de – Fireworks Powder

www.ruspeckhofer.at – exclusive distributor – Blasting Powder, Hunting Powder, Cannon Powder, retail and wholesale

The rest of Western Europe:

www.essing-sprengtechnik.de – exclusive distributor – Hunting Powder, Cannon Powder, wholesale


USA, Canada, Japan, Egypt

www.islandpyrochemical.com – exclusive distributor – Military Powder, Blasting Powder, Hunting Powder, Cannon Powder, wholesale